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Erickson Advantage Freedom Plan (HMO-POS)

Plan Highlights

The Freedom Plan is a good choice for residents who want additional certainty around out-of-pocket expenses. This mid-level plan is designed with extra coverage—including prescription drugs with no deductible on tiers 1-3 and lower copays.

Plan Highlights:

  • Monthly Premium = $70
  • Preventive Care $0 Copay
  • Primary Care Doctor $0 Copay (Erickson Health Medical Group)

Additional Benefits:

  • Dental Benefit —$0 Preventive & Diagnostic, $0 Comprehensive up to $500/year for covered services
  • Transportation $0 copay for up to 24 one-way trips per year (to plan approved locations)
  • Hearing Aid Benefit - $375-1,425/each hearing aid; 2 devices every year
  • Vision Benefit - Exam $0 copay, 1/yr, eyewear $100 credit every 2 years (lenses/frames)
  • Telehealth Services - $0 copay, virtual visit using online technology in-network
  • Renew Active Fitness – On-site group classes and access to an extensive network of fitness centers

View the Summary of Benefits: English | Spanish

Get comprehensive details about your Medicare, health care, and prescription drug coverage for the year.

View the Evidence of Coverage document: English | Spanish

View the Annual Notice of Change document: English | Spanish

Contact Us to Learn More About Freedom Plan Enrollment

Reach out to your Erickson Advantage health insurance resource manager for a no-obligation review of your current coverage and explanation of additional services that you will receive beyond Medicare, including care coordination services and health education and wellness programs.

Enrollment Form: English | Spanish
Enrollment Guide: English | Spanish