Freedom Plan

The Freedom Plan offers:

  • A fitness benefit – one class per month
  • Hearing and Vision coverage*
  • Prescription drug coverage*

*Ask your Erickson Advantage representative for details.

Choose the Liberty, Liberty with Drugs, Freedom, Signature, or Champion Plan and enjoy these additional benefits exclusive to Erickson Advantage members:

Nurse Care Coordinator

Members of Erickson Advantage have access to a care coordinator on campus who acts as their consultant to all health care issues. Located on-site in each Erickson Living community, a nurse care coordinator is part of the Erickson Advantage program. This skilled professional provides a wide range of services, from preparing you for upcoming medical procedures to answering your questions on different health issues.

A few of the ways your Erickson Advantage Nurse Care Coordinator may be able to support you:

  1. Your nurse care coordinator provides information and education on a variety of conditions and health-related issues. You don't always need to wait for your doctor.
  2. Your nurse care coordinator will answer your questions and help prepare you for upcoming medical procedures.
  3. Your nurse care coordinator acts as your hospital liaison. That means helping you get ready for any hospital admissions and speeding your way home (or to post-hospital care) when it is time for you to be discharged.

Member Services Representative—Your Personal Health Insurance Liaison

Imagine not having to wait on the phone to get your questions answered! What if you could present your question to a member service representative, right down the hall, and have confidence the representative will handle your question quickly and efficiently?

Sound impossible? Not if you are an Erickson Advantage member. If you ever experience a problem or have a question regarding Erickson Advantage reimbursements or billings, just call or stop by your member services representative's on-site office during open office hours, and you will be taken care of. We provide these services for our members right where they live!

Focus on Preventive Care and Wellness

Erickson Advantage emphasizes preventing health problems from developing, not just treating them after they arise. It does this with a range of preventive programs, tests, and vaccinations, including:

  • Bone Density Screenings Health Information Seminars
  • Colorectal Screening Diabetes Monitoring
  • Mammography Pap smear/Pelvic Exams
  • Prostate Screening Flu Shots
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine Pneumonia Vaccine
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

Skilled Nursing Care

Sometimes, additional attention and a higher level of coordinated care may help you lead a more comfortable life. If you ever need a higher level of care, Erickson Advantage may be able to cover your skilled nursing needs without a prior three-day hospital stay. In Original Medicare, you would be required to spend a minimum of three days in the hospital before you access a skilled nursing benefit.

Hearing Aid Benefit

Erickson Advantage offers hearing health services and affordable hearing aids for our members. Savings of up to 80% on industry prices. Hearing aids are available in-person or through home delivery, making it easier to for you get the help you need to improve your hearing. Get state-of-the-art technology for an affordable $375-$2075 copay for each ear aid. Limited to 2 hearing aids every 2 years.

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