Erickson Medicare Advantage Signature (HMO-POS)

Plan Highlights

The Signature Plan is our most complete plan, offering low to no copays on many services. This plan is ideal for residents who are looking for extra benefits like transportation, hearing aids, vision, podiatry, and prescription drug coverage with no deductibles.

Plan Highlights:

- Monthly Premium: $168
- Preventive Care: $0 Copay
- Primary Care Doctor: $0 Copay (In/Out Network)
- Specialist Visit: $0 Copay (In Network)
- NEW for 2024: $60/quarter Over-the-Counter (OTC) benefit

A smiling elderly white couple sit together in their living room inside of their Erickson Senior Living apartment.

Additional Benefits:

  • Dental Benefit—$0–50% preventive & diagnostic, $0 – 50% comprehensive up to $1,500/year for covered services
  • Routine Transportation—$0 copay for up to 24 one-way trips per year (to plan-approved locations)
  • Hearing Aid Benefit—$99 – $1,249/each hearing aid; two devices every year

  • Vision Benefit—Exam $0 copay, eyewear $100 credit per year (lenses/frames)
  • Renew Active® Fitness—On-site group classes and access to an extensive network of fitness centers

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Get comprehensive details about your, health care benefits, and prescription drug coverage for the year.

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Contact Us to Learn More About Erickson Medicare Advantage Signature Plan Enrollment

Reach out to your Erickson Advantage health insurance resource manager for a no-obligation review of your current coverage and an explanation of additional services that you will receive beyond Original Medicare, including care coordination services and health education and wellness programs.

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