Guardian Plan

A Plan Designed For the Special Health Care Needs of Erickson Living Long-Term Nursing Home Residents

If a loved one's health status changes to the point that continuous long-term care services are required, health care needs often become very different from what they were while still living independently. The Erickson Advantage Guardian Plan was designed through our understanding that those with very frail health may need some additional personal attention and a higher level of coordinated care to help them lead a more comfortable life.

More healthcare coverage and features than Original Medicare

The Erickson Advantage Guardian Plan provides more health coverage than Original Medicare and offers Part D prescription drug coverage. Extra benefits and services include:

  • $0 copay for primary care and specialist providers
  • $0 copay for hospitalizations
  • Transportation to medical appointments benefit—Covered with no copayment for each trip up to 24 one way trips each year to Plan-approved locations.
  • The services of a nurse practitioner, dedicated to being that extra pair of hands and eyes and ears, to help keep your loved one’s health status at as high a level as it can possibly be at this stage of life.

The Erickson Advantage Guardian Plan provides Medicare Part D prescription coverage so prescriptions and health care are covered and coordinated through just one plan.

In addition to your Part B premium, copays and coinsurances may apply.

Extra Care and Attention for the Resident…Extra Help for Family Members

Your loved one’s team of care providers will include a primary care physician and a nurse practitioner working as a team with the Continuing Care staff. Your loved one will also have the attention of a registered nurse as a care coordinator to help provide a higher level of personal attention to the extra medical services that may need to be arranged, like medical appointments with specialists, to result in better-coordinated care. Better still, you know right where to find this team of experts. They are located here on our campus and maybe a telephone call or short walk away.

Care Brought Right to the Bedside

Unlike Original Medicare, the Erickson Advantage Guardian Plan can cover many services right in the resident’s own room that might otherwise require the stress and trauma of a trip to the emergency room or a three-or-more day stay in the hospital. If medically appropriate, some tests and treatments such as X-rays, intravenous or intramuscular medications, intravenous fluid therapy and more, maybe done right at the bedside. Unlike Original Medicare, the Erickson Advantage Guardian Plan does not require a three-day hospital stay before such skilled services will be covered right in the long-term care setting.

Copays and coinsurances may apply.

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